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Our main goal is to work hand in hand with nature, and produce bee products that are healthy, natural, and delicious.

About Us

Kristen & Nathan Mutch


Our passion for bees started in Spring 2017.  We purchased 2 hives, for what we thought would be a relaxing hobby.  But we immediately fell in love with it, and a month later, we had 5 hives.​   We now have over 50 hives, and are adding more every day.  Our apiary is located in the remote woodlands of Northern New Brunswick.  Surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of forest, fields, and rivers.  The land is free of agriculture(and pesticides), making it excellent for foraging.  We enjoy going to schools and/or events, bringing our bees, and teaching people about the importance of honey bees(and all pollinators).  We are proud members of the New Brunswick Beekeeper's Association, and sit on the Board of Directors.  


We are located about 30 minutes outside the city of Miramichi.  Our bee yard benefits from a complete geographic isolation from other bee yards.


Halcomb Road, Halcomb, NB, E9E 1W5